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Complete Re-Design of Navigator

The problem

Navigator is an omnichanel marketing hub in which the users, enterprises from the hospitality business, can find data from their main target audience: travellers. This data is shared by enterprises in the travel business.

They had a platform at MVP level, they needed to change almost everything about it: optimize the user journey, create the branding image, change the overall visual aspect of the whole platform. The most challenging part of it was the time, the client had estimated a time of only one month to complete a very complex type of website, I had to be honest and let them know that projects like these tend to require a year.

Another challenge was working without the usual design processes in a design team of one.

My role

As the UI UX Designer, I tasked myself the contruction of the UI Kit, the re make of their branding image, the making of wireframes, mockups and prototypes. I had to have some user insight so I did some guerilla research.

The process

I was working against the clock every day. They had no framework, no PM, no tools for task definition, so everyday I was basically helping them define the tasks, making a list of what I needed to start the tasks and working on what I could do. The process was chaotic, we jumped from one section to the other, but I kept my tasks in order using Trello and other methods for myself.






Main menu

Open menu


Closed menu


Ads Library


Notifications component

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